What is AVPS Harry Potter?

What is AVPS Harry Potter?

A Very Potter Sequel (often shortened to AVPS) is a musical with music and lyrics by Darren Criss and a book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Brian Holden. The video version of the musical premiered in its entirety at Infinitus, a Harry Potter convention.

Is Joe Walker still in StarKid?

– Joe has decided to take a break from acting after the latest presidential elections in the USA.

How many Harry Potter musicals did StarKid make?

The Very Potter Musical Series is a series of three Harry Potter parody musicals by StarKid Productions.

Who plays Sirius in A Very Potter Sequel?

Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia

Sirius Black
Portrayed by Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia
Appearances A Very Potter Musical (mentioned only) A Very Potter Sequel A Very Potter Senior Year
Songs participated in “Those Voices”, “Days of Summer” “Everything Ends”
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When did the Very Potter Musical StarKid come out?

One of the four performances was recorded and uploaded to YouTube as A Very Potter Musical (because that was easier than making DVDs for the cast and crew). And thus, ten years ago, StarKid was born. Little did we know that much more than just the cast would be watching.

Who is StarKid and what does he do?

StarKid has been creating musical comedies and uploading them to YouTube ever since.

Is there A Very Potter Musical on Wikia?

The topic of this page has a wikia of its own: A Very Potter Musical wikia. A Very Potter Musical is the first original online musical released by Team StarKid. It is a musical parody of the Harry Potter series, taking its story primarily from the first, fourth and seventh books.

How many Star Wars parodies has StarKid produced?

Over the last decade, StarKid has produced 11 full length musicals (including parodies of Disney, Star Wars, Batman, and The Oregon Trail), gone on national concert tours, had #1 albums on the Billboard Charts, performed sketch shows with The Second City in Chicago, and performed at conventions, meeting fans all over the world.