Who makes Ritmuller pianos?

Who makes Ritmuller pianos?

the Pearl River company
Today the Pearl River company ( the parent of Ritmuller) builds 3 distinct lines of pianos. At the bottom is the entry level Pearl River brand.

Where are Ritmuller pianos made?

Guangzhou, China
Description and differences: The Ritmüller piano line is manufactured in Guangzhou, China by the Pearl River Piano Group. The Ritmüller line is considered the more European sounding line of pianos with many upgrades from the Pearl River line.

Are Pearl River pianos any good?

Although the name is not as familiar as Yamaha or Steinway, Pearl River is an awesome buy and I highly recommend that anyone who doesn’t have $3-4K to spend on a piano should consider one. They are probably the most promising out of the Chinese brand names in the market.

Is Ritmuller a good piano brand?

What makes the Ritmuller so good? Their incredible designs are by one of Europe’s highest regarded piano designers, Lother Thoma. Mr. Thoma is world renowned for his piano scaless and has been responsible for or has been part of the team on some of the highest rated and most expensive pianos from Europe.

Is Kayserburg piano good?

“The Kayserburg concert grand is an extremely satisfying piano to play. The sound can penetrate very well, which means it will have no problem to be a piano concerto instrument together with a full size orchestra. The coating of the keys provides high security against sweat and slips. The key action is very responsive.

Are Steinway pianos made in China?

Steinway pianos are built using high quality parts and intricate detailing. They have been recognized with numerous awards since they were first introduced. The pianos built in China are made more specifically for entry level musicians and are manufactured using less expensive parts.

What is the best upright piano?

We are going to look at the top 10 Best Upright Piano Brands today (alphabetical order):

  • Bösendorfer Pianos.
  • Grotrian Pianos. Concertino.
  • Sauter Pianos. 130 Master Class.
  • Schimmel Pianos. Model K132.
  • Steinway & Sons Pianos. Model K52.
  • Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos. Model 130.
  • YAMAHA Pianos.

Are Chinese pianos any good?

Chinese pianos represent the next generation of accessible, high quality instruments. They feature mostly German parts and have a tone that is better than many Japanese and Korean pianos. Plus, these instruments cost a third of the price of comparable Kawai or Yamaha Japanese pianos.

Are Baldwin pianos good quality?

Baldwin Pianos | A Rich American Music History. Baldwin Pianos of the ‘golden era’ are considered one of the best sounding and best-playing instruments in the world. Vintage, quality-built Baldwins are known for their responsive touch, tone, and solid durability, and found in musical venues throughout the world.

How long has the Ritmuller brand been in business?

Introducing the New RSH Series Pianos. For 225 years, the name Ritmüller has been synonymous with the quality, tone, and performance of the world’s finest pianos.

Who is the manufacturer of the Ritmuller piano?

The new Ritmüller pianos are manufactured by the Pearl River Piano Group in the world’s largest piano manufacturing complex. They have received both the ISO 9001 Certificate for Management System Standards and the ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Management Systems.

When was Tyler Ritter born and how old is he?

Mini Bio (1) Tyler Ritter was born on January 31, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Tyler David Ritter.

What kind of environmental certification does Ritmuller have?

Ritmüller is committed to using natural resources sparingly and responsibly. Our sustainable production processes have received environmental certification to ISO 14001 and management certification to ISO 9001 as verification of this responsibility.