What happened to Yugioh GX abridged?

What happened to Yugioh GX abridged?

Today marks the end of YGO GX Abridged, a project that created a lot of laughter for myself and a lot of people. Kudos to @xthedarkone for sticking with it for so long and putting years of his life into making it as good as it could be. Nobody could have done it better.

Where can I watch Yugioh GX abridged?

GX” that is running on channel of “DarkSideIncorporated.” The account has been closed due to 4Kids! TV. All episodes can now be found on the YouTube channel of “DarkSideCorporated”….Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series (DarkSideIncorporated)

Yu-Gi-Oh!:GX The Abridged Series
Link xthedarkone’s Youtube Channel

How old is Shadyvox?

29 years (5 December 1991)

What happened to Kuriboh?

Shortly after creating the Abridged Movie, LittleKuriboh had his account suspended on YouTube. On December 23, 2010, his CardGamesFTW YouTube channel was terminated. His next video was posted on his Ninjabridge channel. CardGamesFTW was later reinstated in January 2011, because the copyright claims were from a bot.

What is wrong with LittleKuriboh?

In mid-2015, Martin was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He underwent treatment three times, but his condition eventually worsened. In July 2015, he was hospitalized.

Is Yugioh Abridged over?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged has finally returned with a new episode and fans are loving it! The popular YouTube series released its 82nd episode bringing the Seal of Orichalchos arc to an end back in 2018 with the promise that the final season of the fan favorite web series would be making its return in 2019.

Is LittleKuriboh still doing abridged?

Abridged. Luckily LittleKuriboh (the artist who produces Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged) recently gave an update on the series, and confirmed that the next season premiere for the series is currently being worked on with the script for it somewhat finished. Show isn’t cancelled, currently working on season premiere.