Is Aqua Data Studio free?

Is Aqua Data Studio free?

Download Aqua Data Studio for free. You’ll get a 14-day evaluation version with all enterprise features except import/export. After 14 days, you can purchase a license to continue using Aqua Data Studio.

What is Aqua Data Studio used for?

Aqua Data Studio is the universal database integrated development environment (IDE) for Database Developers, DBAs, and Analysts. It allows you to develop, access, manage, and visually analyze data.

How do I download Aqua Data Studio?

Aqua Data Studio is available for immediate download at

How would you describe a table in Aqua Data Studio?

In the Server Panel expand Tables branch in your schema and find the table to view/edit comment. Right click on it and select either Table properties only view the comment, or Alter Table to edit them. In the new window, you will see table columns and its properties. To view a column’s comments just click on it.

What is Navicat for MySQL?

Navicat is a graphical front-end for MariaDB. Navicat is compatible with all versions of MariaDB and with MySQL 3.21 and above. It is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. In addition to standard client features, it includes: a SQL Builder/Editor.

How do I create a database in Aqua data Studio?

Once a server connection has been established, creating a database can be done by right clicking on the connection in the Schema Browser and selecting, “Create Database”.

How do I run a SQL statement in Aqua data Studio?

Execute SQL Queries for Editing Tables Ctrl+Alt+Enter invokes the query results in an editable, Excel-like grid. The Execute Edit feature is useful for altering, inserting, deleting, cloning and formatting data in the Table Data Editor.

Is navicat free?

The free version has pretty much everything you need and you can use it forever, but if you really love it and want to support the development, or you have higher needs and want to use the app without any limitation, you can purchase a license for $49.

What is OmniDB?

OmniDB is an interactive and powerful, yet lightweight, database management tool, which runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS. OmniDB allows users to manage multiple databases in a unified workspace with a user-friendly and fast-performing interface.