How much do Old English bantams cost?

How much do Old English bantams cost?

B.B. Red Old English Game Bantam

Item # Description 1+
BRBS Unsexed 1+ $5.92

How big do Silver Duckwing bantams get?

Silver Duckwing Old English Bantam have smooth legs. Females weigh 1.25 lbs. and males weigh 1.375 lbs.

Are Old English bantams aggressive?

The Old English Game hens are aggressive too and should not be kept with other more docile breeds. Hens lay well and makes an excellent, reliable brooder and a very protective mother.

How much are bantams worth?

Bantams raised from chicks will reach maturity in 7-12 months, with feed costs of roughly $8-10 per bird per year. Because of the growing demand for chickens in general, poultry auctions are becoming more common. At poultry auctions quality bantams will sell for top dollar, getting as much as $20 to $50 each.

What kind of bird is silver duckwing Old English?

Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam Old English Games are very popular because of their alertness, upright appearance, and confident personality. The males in all of these varieties are very striking with bright colored plumage and a certain “cockiness” to their identity. The comb on games should be dubbed (cut) for show.

Is the silver ducking Old English Bantam easy to handle?

This chicken features a beautiful feather pattern, and in general the breed is known to have a spirited personality. On the other hand, they are very easy to handle, even if you have small children around. If you’re looking for a tame pet or an impressive show bird, the Silver Ducking Old English Bantam is a popular choice.

What kind of bird is an Old English Bantam?

The birds looked very different to the birds of today though. There were a number of changes to the breed over the years and today, the British Standard for Old English Game Bantams follows the Carlisle Old English Game standard but in bantam size.

What are the colors of Old English game Bantams?

I raise different colors of the old English game Bantams just to name a few : Brown Red, Porcelain, Brassy Back, Blue Brassy Back, Quail, Self Blue, Creole, … I have 2019 hatched Black Old English Game Bantams for sale.