How many fish can you eat from Onondaga Lake?

How many fish can you eat from Onondaga Lake?

Don’t see your waterbody listed in the table?

Waterbody 1 (County) Fish Men Over 15 & Women Over 50
Onondaga Lake (Onondaga) All other fish (including Yellow perch) Up to 1 meal/month
Owasco Lake (Cayuga) Yellow Perch Up to 4 meals/month
Smallmouth bass, Walleye Up to 1 meal/month
Rainbow trout Up to 4 meals/month

How bad is Onondaga Lake?

Onondaga Lake is a dimictic lake, meaning that the lake water completely mixes from top to bottom twice a year. The lake is 4.6 miles long and 1 mile wide making a surface area of 4.6 square miles. The maximum depth of the lake is 63 feet with an average depth of 35 feet….

Onondaga Lake
Surface elevation 370 feet (110 m)

Is Onondaga Lake the most polluted?

Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, N.Y., has often been called the most polluted lake in America. Because of mercury contamination, fishing was banned in 1972, although there were not many fish in the lake.

Is Onondaga Lake safe to swim in?

Experts say the lake is safe to swim in but residents are hesitant due to the lake’s reputation. Onondaga County’s plans for a beach project along the shore of Onondaga Lake are in motion but have seen skepticism from local residents. The lake was widely known to be one of the most polluted lakes in the country.

What kind of fish are in Onondaga Lake?

Onondaga Lake has a surprising number of fish species present, and you never know what species you may end up catching next. Some of the gamefish found in the lake are channel catfish, tiger musky, northern pike, walleye, common carp, largemouth and smallmouth bass. The most popular gamefish are the largemouth and smallmouth bass and common carp.

How big is the lake in Onondaga County?

The lake covers 4.6 square miles, has an average depth of 35 feet, and a maximum depth of 63 feet. It is approximately one mile wide and 4.6 miles long.

Where are the boat launches on Onondaga Lake?

Good shore access around much of the lake through Onondaga Lake Park. For more information on these launches including Google Maps driving directions, visit the Boat Launch Sites for Onondaga County page.

Where is the visitor center at Onondaga Lake Park?

Griffin Visitor Center located in the Wegmans Landing section of Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool, explains the 1928 foresight of community leader Joseph A. Griffin, whose ideas and leadership led to the creation of one of America’s top ten heritage parks.