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How many assists did Kevin De Bruyne have?

How many assists did Kevin De Bruyne have?

Premier League Record

Appearances 181
Goals 42
Assists 78

Who is better Bruno Fernandes or Bruyne?

De Bruyne is the king of assists in the Premier League in the last year, but he only just pips his rival to that accolade. The 29-year-old De Bruyne has eight assists so far this season while Fernandes has seven. They are second and third in the rankings, respectively, behind Kane (11).

How many free kicks has KDB scored?

Kevin De Bruyne All time stats

General stats
Matches played 66 18
Header 1
Open Play 13 1
Free Kick 1

Has Kevin De Bruyne won Premier League Player of the Month?

Kevin De Bruyne has won the first Etihad Player of the Month award for the 2020/21 season.

Is Kevin De Bruyne an albino?

Kevin De Bruyne was born on the 28th of June 1991, by Herwig De Bruyne (father) and Anna De Bruyne (mother). He was born a White Caucasian which forms minority of Belgium’s white ethnicity. He was a special child, one destined to be great upon his birth.

What is Kevin De Bruyne salary?

£20 million a season
Kevin De Bruyne has become the best-paid player in the Premier League after signing a new four-year contract worth £20 million a season.

Who is better Fernandes or KDB?

Fernandes scored more goals, created more big chances, played more forward passes, kept more clean sheets, executed more tackles, made more interceptions, won more aerial duels and provided the same amount of assists.

What is wrong with Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne is set to miss the start of the season due to an ankle injury, and has already paid a visit to see Manchester City’s allocated specialist doctor in Barcelona to assess the extent of any damage.

What is Phil Foden salary?

624,000 GBP (2021)
Phil Foden/Salary

How much money is Kevin De Bruyne on a week?

De Bruyne, 29, will earn about £385,000 a week, which eclipses the £375,000-a-week contract that David De Gea signed with Manchester United in 2019.

What kind of football player is Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne is a professional football player who plays for Premier League club Manchester City. Moreover, De Bruyne has one of the most impressive assists records as a midfielder. He is also known for his intelligent and creative passing abilities. Furthermore, De Bruyne is one of the most important players for Manchester City.

What was the name of Kevin De Bruyne’s book?

Kevin De Bruyne has published a book titled “Keep it Simple” in 2014. Likewise, the book is an autobiography of the famous star and his journey to stardom. The book features intricate details of his life and touches on his childhood and family.

What did Kevin De Bruyne say about Manchester City?

In August, De Bruyne, in the midst of transfer speculation, insisted that he would not force Wolfsburg to sell him, but admitted that he could not ignore interest from Manchester City, saying: “If an offer does come, I will hear about it and how much it is, but I have not yet heard anything…

When did Kevin De Bruyne score his first goal for Chelsea?

On 18 February 2012, De Bruyne scored his first goal back at Genk following his agreed transfer to Chelsea and also assisted the other goal in a 1–2 away win against Mons. De Bruyne ended the season by wrapping up the scoring in a 3–1 victory over Gent. He finished the league campaign with eight goals from 28 appearances.