How do you turn on a Rinnai heater?

How do you turn on a Rinnai heater?

All necessary adjustments to the operation of the Rinnai 2001 can be made with this control. Turn control Knob to “IGNITION PRESS”. Press the knob firmly, and hold down for about 15 seconds, the electronic ignition system will ignite the pilot, and the spark will continue while the knob is held down.

Why does my Rinnai gas heater turn off?

The main reasons that a gas water heater automatically shuts off are because the pilot light goes out, the pilot light can’t start, or there are problems with the gas supply. If it is dirty, turn off the gas to allow the thermocouple to cool. You can then clean the thermocouple by gently sanding it with fine sandpaper.

How do I reset my Rinnai heater?

Turn off all hot water faucets/taps. Press On/Off button twice. Turn hot water back on and test. You may have to try this a couple times to reset the system.

How to download the Rinnai 516tr owner’s manual?

3 Full Service Manual for above heater models at the URL below. Was this answer helpful? 2 The Rinnai 506TR and 516TR portable gas convector heater user manual. URL below Was this answer helpful? 1 cant see how to download this manual ??????????

Is the Rinnai 516tr a flued heater?

The Rinnai 516TR heater is a portable convector heater which is connected iva by a Bayonet fitting and is not a flued heater. I realize that the 516TR is now discontinued however can i get a replacement filter still? The small one on bottom left hand side at rear that is screwed on.

Do you need a gas bayonet for Rinnai 516tr?

As stated by the manufacturer, the heater requires a gas hose with a 3/8” BSP connection at one end and a standard gas bayonet connector at the other. This topic has been covered before in previous Q and As. Please scroll down to find the answers you’re looking for. Thank you. Thanks for the question.

Is the Rinnai Avenger the same as the 516tr?

RINNAI AVENGER is the new model and has the same output. Around $1500 to $1700 depending or retailer and location. Hi John, thanks for the question, The Avenger heater would be the replacement model for the 516TR heater. It is important to choose the correct portable heater for the area it is to be used in.