When does the PlayStation 4 come out in the UK?

When does the PlayStation 4 come out in the UK?

The PlayStation 4 will be released on November 15th in the US and Canada, November 29th in the UK, and February 22nd in Japan. [1] These games will be available on or before that date (due to street dates being broken). *These games have a multiplatform release date before November 15, 2013, implying a launch day (or earlier) release.

What are the launch games for PlayStation 4?

Launch Window Games Game Developer 1001 Spikes [20] Nicalis Awesomenauts: Assemble [21] Ronimo Games Backgammon Blitz VooFoo Studios Basement Crawl Bloober Team, iFun4all

When does Driveclub come out for PlayStation 4?

Driveclub was originally a launch title but was delayed to Early 2014 in order to improve the game to it’s full potential. Note: Watch Dogs and The Crew were delayed on October 15th 2013 and Driveclub on October 19th 2013. New Release Window is 2014 Escape Plan is only cross buy on PS4 and Playstation Vita.

What are the day one games for PlayStation 4?

Confirmed Day One Game Developer Media Type Angry Birds Star Wars [2] Rovio Retail Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [3] Ubisoft Retail Battlefield 4 [4] DICE Retail Blacklight: Retribution (Beta) [5] Zombie Studios PSN / F2P

The UK release date for the PlayStation 4 is November 29, and it will go on sale at midnight at stores across the country. Seth Barton of technology website Expert Reviews said: “If you’ve got a PS4 pre-order you will definitely get one for Christmas, but if you haven’t then that boat has sailed and you haven’t got a hope of getting one.

Are there any new PS4 games coming out in 2015?

These games have been confirmed specifically for a 2015 PS4 release. Click on any of the games below for more information, videos and screenshots. PlayStation 4 console exclusives are marked with yellow and PlayStation exclusives are marked with blue. Super Exploding Zoo! Orcs Must Die! Unchained Woah Dave! Zoink! Was this guide helpful?

When did the PlayStation 3 come out in the UK?

One of the most hotly-anticipated new consoles of the year, the PS4 is the first new console Sony have released since 2006 We are counting down the days until the PlayStation 4 is released in the UK. The PS4 is one of the most hotly-anticipated new consoles of the year – the PlayStation 3 came out seven years ago in 2006. But when is it available?

How many football games are there on PS4?

(Also known as “Street Power Football”) Sick style and high-energy action come together in this completely over-the-top football experience. Featuring six distinct game modes from open-ended Freestyle and Trick Shot modes to head-to-head competition in Panna and up to 3v3 matches in Street Power mode, you’ve never played football quite like this.