What is the best euphonium mouthpiece?

What is the best euphonium mouthpiece?

The 5 Best Euphonium Mouthpieces for High Notes

  • Bach 35012C Small Shank Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium Mouthpiece, 12C.
  • Glory Silver Plated Euphonium/Baritone Mouthpiece Silver 61/2.
  • Yamaha YAC SL51D Standard Series Mouthpiece for Euphonium – 51D.
  • JHDTL Euphonium Mouthpiece.

Are baritone and euphonium mouthpieces the same?

The main difference is the bore size. The euphonium is conical (the tubing gradually gets bigger from the mouthpiece to the bell) and the baritone is cylindrical (it maintains a consistent bore size throughout the major portion of the instrument which means it has a brighter sound).

Are euphonium and trombone mouthpieces the same?

A euphonium mouthpiece is different in many ways than a trombone mouthpiece, and here are the three most common: 1) Euphonium mouthpieces are larger in general than trombone mouthpieces. 2) Euphonium mouthpiece cup sizes are usually deeper and more conical in nature.

How big is a euphonium mouthpiece?

Euphonium Mouthpieces

Model Rim (mm/inches) Rim Width
5BL (buy) 25.75 / 1.014″ 6.64mm
4.5AL (buy) 25.85 / 1.018″ 6.80mm
4BL (buy) 25.90 / 1.019″ 6.77mm
4AL (buy) 26.00 / 1.024″ 6.72mm

Which is the best mouthpiece for a euphonium player?

With its extremely deep “E” cup and narrower, rounder #2 rim makes this mouthpiece an ideal symphonic choice for the robust player. Also a good choice for Euphonium player requiring more cup volume than the 52D. This combination of large cup diameter and bowl shape is widely favored by those who desire a rich full sound.

Which is the best mouthpiece for a tenor trombone?

The Schilke standard options make this a fine all- around mouthpiece. The medium-deep cup and medium-wide rim make this mouthpiece an outstanding choice for medium and large-bore tenor trombones, combining a rich, full sound with a high level of efficiency and playability. A large bowl shaped cup producing a rich tone quality.

What kind of mouthpiece is a Schilke trombone?

Schilke Symphony Series mouthpieces continue a tradition in outstanding Schilke workmanship combining old world craftsmanship with the demands of the modern brass player. A Medium Shallow Cup that provides more brilliance, and projection due to additional high overtones in the sound core.