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What tool is used to catch snakes?

What tool is used to catch snakes?

A snake hook is a tool used most often by professionals. Snake tongs, also known as a snake stick, reptile grabber, or snake grabber, are the preferred tools of the layman. We chose Anrain even though it is a relative newcomer to the snake tong market because this tool passed every test with flying colors.

How long should snake tongs be?

40-inch tongs are currently our best seller however, some may prefer more length to be comfortable. If you are unsure, call and speak to the owner, to help figure out what length is best for you. Professional Handling Tip: If possible, pick the snake up from about the middle of its body.

What kind of tool do you use to hold a snake?

Snake tongs are humane and effective reptile handling tools that can be used as an extension to your arm for just about anything. These snake tongs are state of the art, light weight, strong, and durable tools designed to give maximum holding pressure with minimal risk to you and the viper.

What are the best tongs for catching snakes?

Tong for catching snakes and reptiles from a distance. Extreme grip tongs have the same great features as our standard cast aluminum tongs, except they have a different style gripping jaw preferred by some handlers. Model 317AE is 60 inches long. Tong for snakes and reptiles.

What’s the best way to catch a snake?

When it comes to handling and catching snakes it is a good idea to invest in some equipment which will make this activity much easier, safer and productive. There are some well-designed products out there such as snake tongs, snake hooks and snake bags which enable you to safely and humanely move a snake.

What kind of snake catchers are on Amazon?

Paul Kevin 47 inch Snake Tongs Grabber Snake Catcher Tool Aluminum Alloy Professional Reptile Catching Equipment … . . . .