What is a good replacement for Apple Time Capsule?

What is a good replacement for Apple Time Capsule?

AirPort Time Capsule Replacement Options

  • Option 1 – Use The Time Machine Destination Feature in File Sharing.
  • Option 2 – Buy Retrospect Desktop.
  • Option 3 – Buy a Synology NAS.
  • Option 4 – Buy a Synology Wi-Fi Router and Connect a Hard Drive to it.
  • Option 5 – Buy one or more Eero Pros and a Synology NAS.

Does Apple Time Capsule work with Windows?

Apple’s Time Capsule is backup device that includes a Router, Wireless Access Point (WAP), Printer sharing, and Disk Sharing so that backups can occur from your computers directly to this device. Although built for Macs, it can be used just as effectively with Windows based laptops and computers.

Can a time capsule be used as an iTunes server?

The Time Capsule does not have a built-in iTunes server so you will still be dependent on an iTunes host to access the library, regardless of where that library (or the media) is located. At best, the TC can perform as a media storage device for the iTunes Media folder.

Is there a flat version of time capsule?

If you have the older “flat” or “square” version of the Time Capsule, then you mightbe able to use AirPort Utility 5.6.1 for Windows to set up and configure the Time Capsule. But, note that this version of AirPort Utility was introduced during the time of Windows 7, and Apple has not updated the application since that time.

Is the time capsule compatible with Windows 10?

This depends on what version of the Time Capsule that you have. If you have the current “tower” or “tall” shaped version of the Time Capsule, the product is unfortunately not officially supported by Apple when used with Windows software, although some users have reported that they are able to make things work OK.

How do I create a time capsule on my computer?

Time capsule will automatically create a Z: drive on the Windows computer (s) that the Airport Utility is installed. To map a drive on another Windows computer, follow these instructions: 1. From the Airport Utility, select the Airport Icon and the Time Capsule tab.