Is CUNY Hunter a good school?

Is CUNY Hunter a good school?

CUNY–Hunter College is ranked #17 in Regional Universities North. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Where is Hunter Business School located?

Hunter Business School is a for-profit college located in Levittown, New York in the New York City Area. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 748 undergraduate students.

Is Hunter College a black college?

Historically Black Colleges — Hunter College.

What kind of schools does Hunter College have?

Hunter, a fully accredited college, is organized into four schools: The School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, the School of the Health Professions, and the School of Social Work. The College is highly selective, with an admissions acceptance rate of 25.1%.

Where are the libraries located at Hunter College?

Hunter library collections are housed in the Leon and Toby Cooperman Library (the main library) and the Zabar Art Library at East 68th Street, the Health Professions Library at the Brookdale Campus, and the Social Work Library at East 79th Street. There is a small library at the Roosevelt House building.

Who was the founder of Hunter College New York?

Founding. Hunter descends from the Female Normal and High School (later renamed the Normal College of the City of New York), established in New York City in 1870. Founded by Irish immigrant Thomas Hunter, who was president of the school during the first 37 years, it was originally a women’s college for training teachers.

Where was Hunter College located in the Bronx?

The late 1930s saw the construction of Hunter College in the Bronx (later known as the Bronx Campus). During the Second World War, Hunter leased the Bronx Campus buildings to the United States Navy who used the facilities to train 95,000 women volunteers for military service as WAVES and SPARS.