How much does it cost to unclog sunroof drain?

How much does it cost to unclog sunroof drain?

It costs about $ 125 to clean the drainage area of ​​a sunroof. If you’re replacing the guide or cable that pulls the sunroof back and forth, a mechanic may need experience to remove the entire roof and replace or rebuild it. This job can cost up to $ 800.

Where do sunroof drain tubes go?

These tubes are generally located at the front and rear corners of the pan assembly of the sunroof/moonroof, travel down the interior of your vehicle and typically drain onto the ground. Unfortunately, these tubes can become clogged with debris overtime.

How can I clean out the drains from the sunroof?

How to Unplug a Sunroof Drain First you will need to open the sunroof as this is the easiest way to access the drains. First we can use an air compressor to blow out any debris. If the air compressor does not work or you do not have access to one, use a wire.

How do you fix a leaking sunroof?

Sun Roof Repair: How to Fix a Leaky Sunroof Step 1 – Wipe the Sunroof Periphery Step 2 – Find the Draining Tubes Step 3 – Feed Through Thin Wire on the Drainage Step 4 – Pour Water Inside the Drainage System Step 5 – Check Rubber Lining Step 6 – Clean Sunroof

Were do rear sunroof drains come out?

They are located in the rear corners of the sunroof frame . To access them you will have to pull the headliner down. If they aren’t draining then you’ll have to blow some compressed air through the drain openings and they will start draining again.

Is your sink clogged?

The most likely place for the kitchen sink to be clogged is in the trap , which is the bend under the sink that’s shaped like a “U.” Clear out the cabinet under the kitchen sink and place a bucket under the pipe. Use a wrench to loosen the pipe before easing it off. At least a small amount of water will drain into the bucket.