Does Hikari get with Manaka?

Does Hikari get with Manaka?

Manaka is in love with Hikari, but she only kept it quiet for the sake of Chisaki not being sad because she knew Chisaki also has feelings for Hikari.

Is Tsumugu in love with Manaka?

Manaka Mukaido Tsumugu likes Manaka, but only as a friend. Tsumugu often acts as Manaka’s confidant, as seen when she tells Tsumugu about her fight with Chisaki. Manaka thought she was in love with Tsumugu but realized she loved Hikari instead.

Does Hikari lose his Ena?

In episode 12, Hikari confesses to Manaka and then again in episode 13 and Manaka admits she has something important to tell him, it is highly suggested she was going to return his feelings. In episode 7 it is suggested Hikari may be related to the Sea god. Hikari is devastated that Manaka has lost her Ena.

Who are Manaka and Hikari in the anime?

Manaka and Hikari are childhood friends, she cares greatly for him and it is one of the few things we’re introduced to at the start of the anime is that Hikari is in love with Manaka. Manaka is the only one who can tell if Hikari is hiding something.

Why was Manaka berated by Hikari Sakishima?

On the morning of her first day at a new school, one which, unlike the old one, is above the water, Manaka is berated by Hikari Sakishima for wearing the uniform of her new school rather than their old one.

Who is Manaka in Nagi no ASU Kara?

Manaka is one of Hikari’s childhood friends. Hikari has always had feelings for Manaka and he would do anything to make her happy, which is the reason why he calms her down a lot in the series.

When does Manaka Mukaido go into hibernation?

As time passes, she starts to become more independent. After saving Akari Sakishima during the Ofunehiki festival and falling into the sea, she enters hibernation and takes on the role of the sacrificial maiden for the Sea God.