Can 2 snowflake eels be in the same tank?

Can 2 snowflake eels be in the same tank?

If your tank is large enough, you can also have more than one snowflake eel but it’s best if they’re both about the same size and added to the tank together. It’s important to be aware that snowflake eels can become aggressive with each other, as well as to other tank mates, during feeding times.

How big does a snowflake eel get?

This species reaches a length of 100 centimetres (39 in) but its common size is 50 centimetres (20 in). It lives at depths of between 2 and 30 metres (7 and 100 ft).

Can you have an eel in a reef tank?

With their unmistakable appearance and mode of locomotion, moray eels provide a unique presence in an aquarium. As morays have no interest in corals or other sessile invertebrates, they are technically “reef-safe.” Only a few, however, are fish-safe.

Will snowflake eel eat clownfish?

The clown will make a nice snack for the eel at some point. I had a snowflake eel and a clown fish together for almost a year with no problems.

How big does a snowflake eel get in a tank?

In the wild snowflake eels can grow to upwards of 3 feet, but in captivity tend to top out at just over 2 feet. Because of their size, they shouldn’t be placed in a tank less than 50 gallons in capacity. They, like most eels, are adept at the art of escape. Tank lids need to be well-fitting, and all small gaps need to be covered.

Can a snowflake eel eat a coral reef?

They will not purposefully damage or eat coral, but they are fairly large and very muscular and ambush predators, so a quick jolt out of their hiding spot could dislodge and break anything they are near. They also dine mostly on crustaceans.

How did the snowflake eel get its name?

Take a close look and you’ll see how the Snowflake eel gets its name–they have a mottled pattern of white and yellow on black that occasionally resembles a snowflake :). The scientific name for the Snowflake eel is Echidna nebulosa. I wonder if that factoid will ever come in handy at trivia night?

What to do if snowflake eel wont eat kabobs?

You also don’t want your snowflake eel to come out looking for a meal the next time you reach in the tank to adjust the live rock or place a coral frag. If your eel won’t eat the seafood kabobs you send its way, you may need to supplement with some live ghost shrimp to keep him healthy while learning to accept less exciting looking food.