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Who was Nawab of Malerkotla?

Who was Nawab of Malerkotla?

Sher Mohammad Khan
Sher Mohammad Khan was the Nawab of Malerkotla at the time and though a supporter of Aurangzeb and his lieutenants who governed Punjab at the time, he is said to have expressed his anguish at the bricking alive of two young sons of Guru Gobind Singh, Zorawar Singh (aged nine years) and Fateh Singh (aged seven years).

Which cities are under malerkotla district?

List of Villages in Malerkotla, Sangrur, Punjab

Abaspura Abdullapur Adampal
Ahan Kheri Ahmadpur Ahmdabad
Ahmedgarh Akbarpura Akhtiarpura
Albelpura Alipur Amamgarh
Amargarh Amir Nagar Anaitpura

How many villages are in malerkotla district?

With this, Malerkotla district will now have three subdivisions – Malerkotla, Ahmedgarh and Amargarh. As many as 192 villages, 62 patwar circles and 6 Kanungo circles will be included in Malerkotla district.

What is the population of Punjab 2020?

30 Million
According to UID, Punjab population in 2020 is 30 Million (3 Crores).

What’s the population of Malerkotla District in India?

The malerkotla city have a Muslim majority while the district have overall Sikh majority. Malerkotla city had a population of 1,35,424 as of 2011 census report, Out of which Muslim form the majority 68.5%, Hindus and sikhs together constitute 30.21% of the total population as per 2011 census.

What is the percentage of Muslims in Malerkotla?

Also the total Muslim population in Malerkotla is 92,765 which is 68.5% of the total population. Below is religion-wise population of Malerkotla as per Census 2011.

Where was the princely state of Malerkotla located?

Malerkotla. Malerkotla is a city and a municipal council in Sangrur district in the Indian state of Punjab. It was the seat of the eponymous princely state during the British Raj. The state acceded unto the union of India in 1947 and was merged with other nearby princely states to create the Patiala and East Punjab States’ Union…

What is the literacy rate of Malerkotla, Punjab?

The male literacy rate is 73.45% and the female literacy rate is 64.21% in Malerkotla. Malerkotla Municipal Council has total administration over 25,218 houses to which it supplies basic amenities such as water and sewerage.