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Who played Jaime Sommers Bionic Woman?

Who played Jaime Sommers Bionic Woman?

Lindsay WagnerThe Six Million Dollar Man
Jaime Sommers/Played by

Jaime Sommers is a fictional character from the science fiction action series The Bionic Woman (1976–1978). She is portrayed by American actress Lindsay Wagner, who first played the role in the 1970s American television series The Six Million Dollar Man.

Who is the new Bionic Woman?

Jaime Sommers
The Bionic Woman series features Jaime Sommers, who takes on special high-risk government missions using her superhuman bionic powers. The Bionic Woman series is a spin-off from the 1970s Six Million Dollar Man television science fiction action series.

Is Jaime Sommers still alive?

Whilst there he discovers that Jaime, whom he had seen die from a blood clot caused by Bionic rejection six months earlier, is still alive. After confronting Oscar Goldman and Rudy, Steve finally learns that immediately following her death Rudy’s young assistant, Dr.

Why did Bionic Woman get Cancelled?

Although the show performed well across its first two seasons on ABC, the network elected not to renew The Bionic Woman, feeling it was no longer attracting the kind of demographic that ABC wanted.

What happened Lindsay Wagner?

In the third-season, two-part episode, her character is critically injured in a skydiving accident and equipped with bionic implants similar to Austin’s, but her body rejects them, ultimately leading to her death.

What body parts were Bionic on The Bionic Woman?

After Jaime’s parachuting accident in The Six Million Dollar Man episode “The Bionic Woman” (Part I), Steve learns that Jaime’s right arm, legs, and right ear cannot be repaired, and her injuries are likely fatal.

Who is streaming Bionic Woman?

You are able to stream The Bionic Woman for free on NBC.

How strong is the Bionic Woman?

Untitled Document. Superhuman Powers: The replacement of her body parts with bionics gave the Bionic Woman special powers. Both of her legs were replaced, allowing her to run more than 60 miles per hour or jump off a building. Her arm was replaced, giving her the ability to bend steel with her bare hands.

How high can the Bionic Woman jump?

Lindsey Wagner won the 1977 Emmy Award for her role as a crime fighting cyborg with, first of all, great hair but more importanlty super hearing in her right ear, super strength in her right arm, and legs so powerful she can jump two stories high and chase down speeding cars.

How much would the 6 Million Dollar Man cost today?

Total cost: $6 million, or roughly $28 billion in today’s dollars. Lee Major stars as The Six Million Dollar Man. Richard Anderson plays Oliver Goldman, the cyborg engineer at O.S.I.

Who played the 7 million dollar man?

Monte Markham
Monte Markham plays the titular role in “The Seven Million Dollar Man,” who in this episode is named “Barney Miller.” Two months later, a new comedy with Hal Linden would debut, using the same name for both the show and Linden’s lead character.

Is Lindsay Wagner in GREY’s anatomy?

Lindsay Wagner played Helen Karev in season fourteen and fifteen of Grey’s Anatomy.

What was the last episode of The Bionic Woman?

Episode 22
The Bionic Woman/Final episode