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Who is the powerful pastor?

Who is the powerful pastor?

1. Kenneth Max Copeland. Kenneth Max Copeland is the most popular pastor in the world, and the first in the list of the most powerful pastors in the world. He is a public speaker, an American author, a musician, and a televangelist whose main aim is to help people and change their lives through the power of God’s Word.

Who is a true pastor?

A PASTOR IS A FAITHFUL STEWARD (Titus 1:7) — Here the term used is overseer (Greek episkopos). It is not another office, but a functional title of the shepherd. It is what he does. He is a steward, a manager of God’s resources and Jesus’ flock.

Who are the best pastors to listen to?

Rick Warren is an innovative pastor, renowned author, and global influencer. The various ministries Pastor Rick has created are a multi-faceted expression of his heart to bring the whole gospel. Frequency 1 episode / day , Average Episode Length 24 min Since Mar 2019 Podcast pastorrick.com/listen 2. Ask Pastor John

Who are the best preachers in the world?

There are many great pastors and preachers today that do deliver sermons like this. Here are 30 well-known pastors of today that speak the truth of God and who believe every single word in the Bible . These are in no particular order. John Piper is a very well-known preacher for his style (straight forward/not passive) and knowledge of the Bible.

Who are some expositional preachers worth a careful listen?

R. Kent Hughes – Though recently retired, Dr. Hughes was the Senior Pastor of College Church in Wheaton for most of my lifetime. He continues to serve as Pastor Emeritus and the editor of the popular Preaching the Word series of commentaries.

Are there any good podcasts by Christian pastors?

If you’re in your car or on the move all week, podcasts can be a great way to sneak in a midweek sermon that helps you circle back to Jesus. There are a lot of excellent Christian podcasts out there, and we can’t possibly cover them all. But here are 10 great ones (in no particular order) by some of the country’s most well-known pastors.