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Who is the most famous street artist in the world?

Who is the most famous street artist in the world?

Banksy. This London based street artist is undoubtedly the most famous in the world and is also one of the most secretive.

Who are three well known graffiti artists and where are they from?

Here are the 10 most famous graffiti artists in the world along with pictures of their best known works.

  • #10 Lee Quiñones. Nationality: Puerto Rican.
  • #8 Seen UA. Nationality: American.
  • #7 Lady Pink. Nationality: Ecuadorian.
  • #6 Vhils. Nationality: Portuguese.
  • #5 Os Gemeos.
  • #4 Blek le Rat.
  • #3 Eduardo Kobra.
  • #2 David Choe.

Who are the female street artists better than Banksy?

Just because Bambi sounds (sort of) like Banksy, doesn’t mean she’s the automatic heir to the street art throne. On that note, allow us to introduce 10 badass female artists we’d choose over Banksy any day. 1. KASHINK

Where did Banksy paint his famous street art?

Spray paint – Originally painted in Brighton, England. Now in private collection This work, now covered and protected by a Perspex overlay, features a man dressed up in what we associate with traditional riot gear, with a bandana obscuring his face, and his cap on back-to-front.

How did Banksy come up with his name?

Inspired by the graffiti scene of 1970s New York, Blek le Rat began embellishing walls in his home city of Paris in the early 1980s with his signature tag, the rat. The artist’s name is a play on Blek le Roc, a 1950s Italian comic book character, with the substitute of Rat as an anagram for art.

What’s the difference between Bambi and Banksy art?

Hailed by critics as the “female Banksy,” Bambi resents the expression, and has in turn referred to Banksy as the “male Bambi.” While an esteemed artist in her own right, it is impossible not to draw parallels between two artists’ work. Like Banksy, Bambi employs satire in her work to highlight political and social injustices.