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Who is the husband of Eula Valdez?

Who is the husband of Eula Valdez?

Richard Litonjuam. 2003
Eula Valdez/Husband

How old is rocky Salumbides?

41 years (August 30, 1980)
Rocky Salumbides/Age

How old is Eula Valdes?

52 years (December 11, 1968)
Eula Valdez/Age

Who is Eula Valdez dating?

Rocky Salumbides
Eula Valdez/Partner

Who is the daughter of Eula Valdez?

Juliana Gracia Valdes Litonjua
Eula Valdez/Daughters

Yana was baptized Juliana Gracia Valdes Litonjua. She was named after her mom Eula, whose real name is Julia, and her lola Gracia, Eula’s mom.

How is Eula Valdez related to Paolo Ballesteros?

Personal life. Paolo Elito Macapagal Ballesteros IV is related to Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo, his great-grandfather, and fellow celebrity Eula Valdez, who is his aunt.

Is Eula and Rocky still together?

Meet the loving life partner of Eula Valdez of 11 years A long-lasting relationship is a blessing, especially for showbiz personalities in the fleeting nature of the industry, and this applies to Eula Valdez and partner Rocky Salumbides, who are still going strong at 11 years together.

Who is Eula Valdez dating now?

How old is Eula Lawrence?

Genshin Character Statistics Chart

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Diona 12² January 18
Eula Unknown October 25
Fischl 16³ May 27
Ganyu Over 3000⁴ December 2

Is Eula Valdez and Rocky still together?

How is Eula Valdez related to Fernando Amorsolo?

Eula and Paolo are related and direct descendants of National Artist Fernando Amorsolo. Eula’s mother, Gracia, and Paolo’s grandmother Virginia are daughters of the legendary portraitist and painter.

Who is the father of Paolo Ballesteros?

Elito Ballesteros
Paolo Ballesteros/Fathers

Who are Eula Valdez and Rocky Salumbides dating?

Eula Valdez’s boyfriend is Rocky Salumbides. They started dating in 2009. Eula had at least 3 relationship in the past. Eula Valdez has not been previously engaged. She was born to Estanislao Valdes and Gracia Amoroso. She was once married to Richard Litonjua. According to our records, she has 1 children.

How long has Eula Valdez been with Salumbides?

Valdez has been with Salumbides for more than 9 years. She described their relationship (in jest) as “boring” and that they have nothing in common but their love for music. According to Valdez, none of that matters as they’re still “surviving” together. She also explained that the fun part lies in discovering new things with her boyfriend.

What did Eula Valdez and Rocky do for a living?

Aside from music, another common interest is in showbiz although Rocky has just been acting part-time, and Eula has been a showbiz luminary for a long time.

Who is Eula Valdez boyfriend in born to Love You?

She’s also appeared in films like Born To Love You and Sana Maulit Muli. As of 2021, Eula Valdez’s boyfriend is Rocky Salumbides. They began dating sometime in 2009. She is a Sagittarius and he is a Virgo.