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Who is psycho in Crysis?

Who is psycho in Crysis?

Psycho is voiced by Sean Chapman in Crysis and Crysis Warhead and by David Kennedy in Crysis 3. It seems Psycho had a romantic relationship with Claire. His weapons of choice is the DSG-1 and the Hammer in Crysis 3.

Is Psycho Dead Crysis?

2047 (Crysis 3) Psycho was ripped from his nanosuit by CELL, a fact that traumatized and embarrassed him. Psycho survived the incident, and later ambushed CELL’s board of directors, telling them that he had recently stayed in one of their hospitals and wanted to lodge a complaint.

What happened to Nomad and Psycho?

There, they are attacked by the boat’s crew, who shoot them and disable their suits with a powerful EMP. Realizing that Hargreave has nothing to do with the crew and that the CIA is responsible for this ordeal, Nomad appeared to sacrifice himself by jumping in front of a rocket intended for Prophet and Psycho.

How did Prophet get infected?

From what I understand, Prophet had been infected by the Ceph infection. He then found a dying, but clean from the infection, Alcatraz, and gave him the suit because he still had a chance (at that point, they couldn’t cure the infection).

Who are the main characters in Crysis Warhead?

Characters in Crysis and Crysis Warhead KPA Lee Kim-sun · Kyong Ri Chan Other Edward Jones Raptor Team Aztec · Jester · Nomad · Prophet · Psych Eagle Team Bandit · Bear · Blue Dog · Cupcake · Dan Research Team Martin Badowski · David Rosenthal · Hele

Who is the protagonist of the game Crysis?

Jake “Nomad” Dunn is the protagonist of Crysis. He is part of Raptor Team that is sent to the Lingshan Islands.

What’s the difference between Crysis 1 and warhead?

Crysis 1 or Warhead. The events in Warhead run concurrent to events in Crysis, except you play a different team member (Psycho). Missions are totally different, with only a brief appearance from another team member from Crysis (Prophet). This particular set of missions takes place on the other side of the island.

Why is Nomad so disliked in Crysis Warhead?

Nomad is mentioned in Crysis Warhead in the data tapes which reveal the background between Sean O’Neill and Psycho and in the dialogue between the characters. O’Neill expresses his dislike for Nomad because Nomad replaced O’Neill, who was originally planning on joining Raptor Team, but failed an evaluation test.