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Who is Gabriel fluffy Iglesias son?

Who is Gabriel fluffy Iglesias son?

He has a son Frankie, who was born in 1998, and a long-term girlfriend whose identity he does not discuss in order to protect her privacy.

Did Fluffy lose weight surgery?

Although he mentioned going to an appointment as a candidate for bariatric surgery in one of his standup routines, it’s unclear if Gabriel actually had the procedure done. You have to admit his progress has been seriously impressive, though — however he managed to drop the pounds.

Did Fluffy get married?

Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) Is Not Married But Has a Son With Girlfriend Claudia Valdez. Gabriel Jesus Iglesias, also known as Fluffy, is an American comedian, writer, and actor widely known for his films & TV shows like I’m Not Fat… Moreover, Gabriel is also apparently a father to a son, Frankie.

Is Gabriel Iglesias son his real son?

Gabriel Iglesias’ son, Frankie was born in December 1997. However, Iglesias is not his biological father. Frankie is Claudia Valdez’s kid from a previous relationship. But the comedian has adopted the child and the two have a good bond with each other.

Does Gabriel Iglesias really have a girlfriend?

As of 2019, no news on Gabriel’s marriage has shown up, but he does have a lovely relationship with his girlfriend, Claudia Valdez. YouTube: Gabriel Iglesias’s Standup Comedy Well, Gabriel despite being a famous person is free from the conflicts of past affairs and controversies.

Does Gabrial Iglesias have a wife?

As of 2020, Gabriel is not married and Claudia is not his wife but his girlfriend. The duo has been dating for over a decade now and for the same reason, they are often mistaken as husband and wife. Many people often ask whether Claudia is fluffy’s wife, but as mentioned, it is not the case.

Is Gabriel Iglesias married?

Gabriel Iglesias is not married for now but he has a girlfriend who he has been dating for a very long time. Even though he has fought ‘tooth and nail’ to protect her identity, we do know that her name is Claudia Valdez .

What is Gabriel Iglesias?

Image Source. Gabriel Iglesias is an American comedian, actor, writer and producer. Popularly known as Fluffy. Iglesias is one of America’s most successful stand-up comedians and belongs to a small elite group of artists who have been able to sell out the Staples Centre , Madison Square Garden, and the Sydney Opera House.