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Who is Erin McGinn?

Who is Erin McGinn?

About Erin McGinn Photography. I’m a wedding and editorial photographer located in New England (Rhode Island to be precise) and travel frequently for weddings in CT, MA, NH, ME and beyond. After getting degree in Marine Biology from URI, I found myself (and true love) in San Diego.

What time of day is best for family photos?

The best time of day to take portrait photos is in the couple hours after sunrise and the couple hours before sunset. Within that time, it is better to shoot after the morning golden hour or before the evening golden hour.

How do you take pictures of family photos?

10 Tips for Creating Great Family Portraits

  1. Use a tripod whenever possible. I already know what you’re thinking:
  2. Shoot in Manual mode.
  3. Lock the focus.
  4. Stagger the heads.
  5. If it bends, bend it.
  6. Let kids be kids.
  7. Pose people to flatter them.
  8. Lighting is king; get some in their eyes.

Who are the best portrait photographers in Rhode Island?

Linda Hawkins Photography is one of the top portrait photographers located in RI serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Conneticut areas. Linda is an experienced child and baby photographer and she is one of the most sought after in Rhode Island.

Where are the best photographers in Greenville RI?

Studio is located in the heart of Greenville, RI and we have a beautiful farm area with exclusivity for shooting as well as a beautiful local park! We love to utilize the outdoors when weather allows!

Where does Amy Ro of Amy Ro photography work?

Amy Ro Photography specializes in beautiful on-location, lifestyle maternity, newborn, baby, and family photography for all of Rhode Island. She also accepts sessions in select areas of Massachusetts including Foxboro, Wrentham, North Attleboro, Bellingham, Milton, Natick and all of the south shore area up into Boston.