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Who designed the Federation Square?

Who designed the Federation Square?

Lab Architecture Studio
Bates Smart
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How old is fed Square?

19c. 2002
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What was at Federation Square before it was built?

Perrott and Partners and constructed in 1967. The towers were occupied by the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria, leading to the buildings also being known as the Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers. They were demolished in 1997 to make way for Federation Square.

What is Fed Square made of?

Fed Square is the size of a city block: 38,000 square metres (3.8 hectares) of steel and masonry, built on top of the city’s most heavily-trafficked railway.

What do AFL Architects do for a living?

AFL Architects work with you to deliver inspiring, commercial and people-centred design. People, and their experiences, are at the heart of everything we create. Across the world, we evolve together with our ambitious clients to deliver breathtaking developments that resonate with communities and last a lifetime. We create Architecture For Life.

How does the architecture of Federation Square work?

Like an Aeolian harp sounding in the wind, the aspects of the buildings’ form harmonise ambiently and without direction or overall structure. For a visitor, the affect of this formal aesthetic is a kind of liberating bewilderment.

Who are the critics of Federation Square Melbourne?

Melbourne’s most significant set of new public buildings and spaces is now open. Four critics – John Macarthur, Graham Crist, Gevork Hartoonian and Zara Stanhope – approach the project from four directions. Looking along Flinders Street, with the railway station in the foreground and the forms of Federation Square beyond.

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