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Who actually did the Perth Mint swindle?

Who actually did the Perth Mint swindle?

According to police at the time, three brothers, Ray, Peter and Brian Mickelberg, orchestrated the robbery. The three went to trial and were found guilty of the conspiracy and sentenced in 1983 to twenty, sixteen and twelve years in jail respectively. All three convictions were overturned in 2004.

What were the Mickelberg brothers accused of?

The Mickelberg brothers, Ray, Peter and Brian, were their prime suspects. Already accused of defrauding millionaire Alan Bond by manufacturing a phony gold nugget, the Mickelbergs were tried and convicted despite the fact that the gold was never found.

Where are the Mickelberg brothers in the Great Mint Swindle?

“Where am I going,” the youngest Mickelberg brother sheepishly asks. “Family reunion,” Hancock whispers back, gleefully sending him to join his brothers in the slammer. Welcome to The Great Mint Swindle, Nine’s gritty $3 million telemovie about Australia’s most famous gold heist, the Perth Mint Swindle of 1982.

What was the value of the Perth Mint Swindle?

The Perth Mint Swindle is the popular name for the robbery of 49 gold bars weighing 68 kg from the Perth Mint in Western Australia on 22 June, 1982. The bullion was valued at A$653,000 at that time (2011:$2.02 million). As of 8 January 2018 , the value of the 68 kilograms of gold would approach AUD $3.7 Million.

When did Western Australia pay out to the Mickelberg brothers?

This week, the Western Australian Government tried to close the book on one of the country’s longest running legal battles when it paid out $1 million to two brothers wrongfully convicted of the infamous Perth mint swindle in 1982.

Who are the characters in the Great Mint Swindle?

It is based on the Perth Mint Swindle which took place in the 1980s. In the beginning of the 1980s boom in Western Australia, the Mickelberg brothers Ray ( Grant Bowler ), Peter ( Todd Lasance) and Brian ( Josh Quong Tart) spend their days looking for adventure and finding new ways to earn money.