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Which Raga is best for evening?

Which Raga is best for evening?

1. Raag Hamsadhwani Hamsadhwani is a beautiful raag of the evening. The raag is said to have been borrowed from the Carnatic Music tradition.

Which madhyam is used in evening Ragas?

Yaman Kalyan is believed to be a variant of this raag, as it uses both varieties of madhyam, the fourth swar or note, instead of the exclusive use of teevra madhyam or sharp fourth that is normally used in Yaman.

What are the 7 Ragas?


  • Aadi (raga)
  • Aadi Basant (Marwa Thaat)
  • Aarabi (raga)
  • Abhari (raagini)
  • Abheri Todi.
  • Abhiri (raagini)
  • Abhogi.
  • Abhogi Kanada.

Which Raga is played between 9 pm and midnight?

Raag Durga is sung in the second division of the night between 9 pm to midnight.

Which is the most popular early evening raga?

Yaman kalyan (Early evening) Raga Yaman kalyan, one of the most popular evening ragas performed today, was not a part of the ancient music repertoire. It first found mention in a treatise from c.1620 where it was described as being ‘a favourite melody of the Arabs’.

How is time of day related to ragaorraginis?

This connection of time of the day or night, with the RagaorRaginis is based on daily cycle of changes that occur in our own moods and emotions which are constantly undergoing subtle changes in that different moments of the day arouse and stimulate different moods and emotions.

What kind of ragas are sung at all times?

In Carnatic music, ragas have been classified on the basis of time. Sarvakalika ragas can be sung at all times. Ragas like Chakravaha, Bhairavi, Kambhoji and Arabhi fall into this category. Ragas like Bhupala, Revagupti, Bauli, Malayamarutha, Valaji and Desakshi are to be sung before the Sun rises.

How are ragas and raginis performed on stage?

Ragas and Raginis could be performed on the stage by the order of the monarch, without violating the rule. It is believed that the human body is dominated by the three elements Kaph (rheum), Pitta (bile) and Vata (wind). These elements work in a cyclic order of rise and fall during the 24 hour period.