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Which radar system does Indian military use?

Which radar system does Indian military use?

Indian Doppler Radar

INDRA-I of Sri Lanka Air Force
Country of origin India
Manufacturer Bharat Electronics Limited
Designer DRDO
Type Secondary surveillance radar

How many radars are there in India?

Some of these radars are INDRA (Indian Doppler Radar), RAJENDRA Radar, Central Acquisition Radar (3D-CAR), Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR), Ashwini Radar, Arudhra Radar, and PJT-531 Battle Field Surveillance Radar.

Which country has best radar system?

The 83-year-old creator says the radar is also “immune” to anti-radiation missiles, which track the point of origin for electromagnetic waves. Liu’s radar system, which won him the country’s highest scientific award, has been named China’s “first line of defense.”

How many radars are there in India Swathi?

As per the agreement, India will supply four SWATHI weapon locating radars, which provide fast, automatic, and accurate location of enemy weapons like mortars, shells, and rockets in its 50-km range.

What kind of radar is used in India?

The radar system is deployed by the Indian Army along the Line of Control (LoC) to detect incoming artillery fire from Pakistan. Swathi Weapon Locating Radar is mobile artillery locating phased-array radar designed for spotting and tracking artillery and rocket fire for counter-action by artillery units.

When did India get AWACS radar from Israel?

In March 2004, Israel and India signed a US$1.1 billion deal according to which IAI would deliver the Indian Air Force three AEW&C radar systems.

Which is the L band radar in India?

INDRA-II is a variant of INDRA radar for ground controlled interception of targets. INDRA II is L Band low-flying detection radar that caters to the vital gap filling role in an air defence environment. It is a transportable and self-contained system with easy mobility and deployment features.

Which is the best land-based radar in the world?

Land-based 1 Swordfish LRTR – AESA long-range tracking radar for Ballistic missile defence surveillance and fire control. 2 Arudhra MPR – Static 4D AESA Medium power radar for airspace surveillance for ranges exceeding 300 km. 3 ADTCR – Mobile 4D AESA Medium power radar for airspace surveillance