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Where is the key for the scrapyard in Fallout 3?

Where is the key for the scrapyard in Fallout 3?

Top Voted Answer. To get the key for the shack, you need to take the ‘Contract Killer’ perk, and the shack will be unlocked and there will be a marker on your Pipboy map. The same goes for the ‘Lawbringer’ perk. You’ll get a mark on your map for a shack and you’ll meet the Rangers.

What does John’s key go to in Fallout 3?

The key unlocks an ammunition box with three skill books at the scrapyard.

Where can I find dogmeat Fallout 3?

Dogmeat is found in the scrapyard, fighting off several raiders who killed the dog’s prior owner. He may also be found fighting super mutants in a random place at The Mall. Regardless of any other companion or Karma level, Dogmeat can be recruited without incident.

Is dogmeat essential Fallout 3?

Dogmeat is taged as essential by default within the geck but looses his essential flag if you decide to let him come with you, or if you decide to kill him.

Where do you find scrapyard in Fallout 3?

Scrapyard appears only in Fallout 3 . It is possible for Dogmeat’s encounter with the raiders not to happen. This is easily resolved by fast-traveling to a different location and returning. [verified]

What do you find in the shed in Fallout 4?

The shed itself contains a treasure trove of rare materials. You’ll find: 32 screws, 7 rubber, 10 antiseptic, 17 bags of cement, 12 gears, 4 oil cans, 15 springs, 20 steel, 18 aluminum, 7 cork, 6 fertilizer, 7 acid, 14 asbestos, 10 ballistic fiber, 9 fiber optic, 18 leather, 17 lead, 19 cloth, 15 duct tape, 6 fertilizer, 6 fiberglass.

Where do you find item codes in Fallout 3?

These are the known codes for the various armors that can be found and equipped in Fallout 3. To add them to your inventory, open the command console ( ~) and type player.additem followed by the item code, the quantity you want and the condition you want it in.

Where to find Dogmeat in Fallout Wasteland?

The scrapyard is a salvage yard in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. Aside from heaps of junk vehicles, it is the place where Dogmeat (a possible companion) will first be encountered, fighting a small band of raiders.