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Where is the Bahia Honda Bridge?

Where is the Bahia Honda Bridge?

Bahia Honda Key
Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge/Location

The Bahia Honda Rail Bridge is an abandoned bridge situated on the western side of the Bahia Honda Key in the lower Florida Keys. It once connected the Bahia Honda Key with the Spanish Harbor Key. Initially, it was built as a railroad bridge but was later adapted for automobiles as part of the famous Overseas Highway.

How long is Bahia Honda Bridge?

1,541 m
Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge/Total length

What bridge goes to the Florida Keys?

Seven Mile Bridge
Located at the very west end of the City of Marathon is the Seven Mile Bridge. It is a famous bridge in the Florida Keys and connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys and is among the longest bridges in existence when it was built.

When was the Bahia Honda Bridge built?

Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge/Construction started

Where is the Bahia Honda rail bridge in Florida?

Bahia Honda Rail Bridge. The Bahia Honda Rail Bridge is a derelict railroad bridge in the lower Florida Keys connecting Bahia Honda Key with Spanish Harbor Key. Originally part of the Overseas Railway, the state of Florida purchased it from the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) after the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane…

What to see at Bahia Honda State Park?

Bahia Honda hiking: The park’s only nature trail Is near Calusa Beach, and it’s worth taking. The trail goes to the top of the Old Bahia Honda Bridge along a route that was once U.S. 1. There’s a great view from the top of the bridge. You can see the whole island and into the water, where you may see fish, rays or sea turtles.

Is the Seven Mile Bridge at Bahia Honda optional?

On your way to Bahia Honda you will take a drive on the seven mile bridge so this is not an optional activity if you would like to visit Bahia Honda. Nevertheless, it is one of the most iconic parts of the Florida Keys so it was worth a brief mention in the guide. The water is absolutely stunning off the bridge.

How is the Bahia Honda Bridge different from other bridges?

Unlike other bridges on the Overseas Railway, the Bahia Honda has a steel truss construction. This was a necessary difference from the predominate concrete arch form of the other bridges of the Overseas Railroad, as the channel is the deepest of those spanned, at 24 feet.