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Where is Northern Brown Argus?

Where is Northern Brown Argus?

Occurs usually in well drained, lightly grazed or ungrazed unimproved grasslands. They prefer sheltered habitats, frequently with scrub and patches of bare ground such as; sand dunes, quarries, coastal valleys and steep slopes.

What is an Argus butterfly?

The Brown argus is a small butterfly that is on the wing throughout the summer, between May and September. Adults feed on Common Rock-rose, which is also the caterpillars’ foodplant, together with various species like Crane’s-bills.

How do you tell a brown Argus from a common blue?

The first is that the Common Blue has a spot on the underside of the forewing that is absent in the Brown Argus. The second is that two of the spots on the leading edge of the hindwing are relatively-close in the Brown Argus, almost forming a “figure of eight”, but are more spaced apart in the Common Blue.

What is a brown butterfly?

Brown Butterfly Meaning In some cultures, a brown or tan colored butterfly symbolizes a new life or a fresh start. Seeing a brown butterfly also mean there is good news or important news soon to come your way. If a brown butterfly enters the house it means that an important letter or message will arrive soon.

Where can I find a brown argus butterfly?

It is a close relative of the Northern Brown Argus, which is restricted to Scotland and northern England. The adults have a silvery appearance as they fly low to the ground and they stop frequently either to perch or feed on flowers.

What does a northern brown argus look like?

Northern brown argus’ are dark brown in colour with several orange crescents towards the edges of the wings. These crescents are small or absent on the forewings, which have a white spot in the centre of the upperside and have pale undersides.

What does the northern brown butterfly look like?

Northern Brown Argus This small butterfly has a silvery appearance as it flies low to the ground over sheltered flowery grasslands. In Britain and mainland Europe, the pattern of wing spots is highly variable and many local races (and sub-species) have been described.

What kind of butterfly has a white spot on the forewing?

In Scotland, most individuals are of the race artaxerxes and have a characteristic white spot in the middle of the forewing (see photo). In northern England, this spot is generally dark brown or black. Similar to Brown Argus but differentiated by orange spots.