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Where do you put board member on resume?

Where do you put board member on resume?

Place the section that includes your board membership somewhere after your “Work Experience” and “Education” sections. If board membership is really relevant and important, list it directly after the work section, to be sure the employer notices it.

How do I make a board for my resume?

Board CV Writing Where to Start. Creating a CV is an exercise in succinct writing. Always Include your Board Profile. Evidence your Success (a) Board & Committee Experience. Board Level Experience. Executive Experience. Your Qualifications, Memberships & Extra Professional Activities. Referees.

How late can a 16 year old work during school?

Minors under 16 may work 8-40 during non-school day or week. 7 p.m. before school day to 7 a.m. on school day (9 p.m. during holidays and summer vacations to 7 a.m.)

What are the highest paying jobs for 16 year olds?

High-paying jobs for teensLandscape laborer. Dog walker. Youth sports referee. Babysitter. Delivery service driver. National average salary: $16.81 per hour. Pet sitter. National average salary: $37,861 per year. Automotive technician. National average salary: $19.55 per hour. Tutor. National average salary: $21.31 per hour.

What is the best job to get as a teenager?

Teen Summer JobsCamp Counselor. Do you like working with younger kids? Dishwasher/Waiter/Cook. Not glamorous, but restaurants always need seasonal help. Restaurant Host. The cleanest and easiest of the good summer jobs in restaurants.Ice Cream Clerk. Fun Park Attendant. Lifeguard. Grocery Stocker. Instacart Shopper.

What is the average pay for a 16 year old?

The adult minimum wage is $16.87 an hour….Minimum wage by age. set by Fair Work Australia ()Age% of national minimum wageMinimum hourly rateUnder 1636.8%$6.211647.3%$7.981757.8%$9.751868.3%$11.522 •