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Where can I get a digital camera repaired?

Where can I get a digital camera repaired?

We have earned a worldwide reputation but still manage to provide the friendly and personal camera repair service that you might expect to find only at the local neighborhood camera shop. For digital camera repair and video camera repair, Precision Camera is the one-stop-shop for every camera owner and for all of your camera repair needs.

Is there a camera repair shop in Saskatoon?

Paramount Camera Repair has quickly become one of the most trusted and reliable camera repair shops in Canada. We receive hundreds of cameras and lens from all over Canada and the US every year. And have a full service walk-in shop and store front right here in Saskatoon. We service all current makes and models of digital cameras and lenses.

Is the Paramount camera repair service still open?

In response to growing health concerns over COVID-19 spread, Paramount Camera Repair has implemented a number of cleaning and sterilization procedures to ensure our staff and customers a clean and healthy environment. We are still open normal hours for all your camera and lens repair, cleaning and calibration services.

Where can I get a GoPro camera repaired?

Shipped my Canon XH A1 from NY for a repair of a fire wire. The return was well scheduled and the service was well done. What I liked most about their business was their fast response via email and their excellent customer service for my repair request. I broke my GoPro camera right a week before my trip to Italy.

Most of our customers are in the Seattle area, but we have provided camera repair services for customers all over the United States and the world. We specialize in REPAIRING most cameras and lenses, ranging from digital to 35mm, medium and large format film equipment. We provide same-day SENSOR CLEANING for digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras.

What kind of repair can you do on a Canon camera?

He repaired both my Canon P which had a slow shutter and my Spotmatic SPII which was hopeless jammed in 2003.02. He did a truly fantastic job on both. He clean-lubed-adjusted (CLAed) both after repairing them and they both work and look like new.

What should I do if my camera lens is damaged?

There are three type of simple repair jobs that I do myself: 1) cleaning the lens; 2) replacing the foam; 3) calibrating the rangefinder; and, 4) regular exercise. The more complicated things I send out. I have a list of recommended repair shops at the end of this page. Cleaning is the main way lenses are damaged.

What kind of services does Dodd camera offer?

Dodd Camera offers a wide range of services in our repair department. These include, but are not limited to, the cleaning and repair of the following types of equipment: We are not limited to the list above. If you don’t see your item listed, call or email our repair department. We collect this at time of drop-off.

Which is the largest camera and Video Repair Facility?

Precision Camera and Video Repair is the world’s largest camera and video repair facility, providing customers with optical and imaging service excellence for 61 years.

Where can I get a Nikon camera repaired?

Quality Nikon camera and lens repairs are done fast by our highly skilled, factory trained technicians at Precision Camera. Most Nikon cameras and lenses can be repaired economically at Precision Camera and Video Repair.