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Where can I buy the cheapest domains?

Where can I buy the cheapest domains?

Cheapest domain registrars in 2021

  • Domain.com.
  • Namecheap.
  • Bluehost.
  • GoDaddy.
  • OVH.
  • Ionos.
  • Name.com.
  • NameSilo.

How much does a domain name cost NZ?

Table 1 – Domain Registrars and Costs (Prices Exclude GST)

Domain Name Registrar .co.nz ​Registration and Annual Renewal Cost .com Registration and Annual Renewal Cost
1st Domains $22.50 $25.50
Crazy Domains $22.95 $14.99
Domains 4 Less $24.95 $24.95
Google Domains US$19.00 US$12.00

What is the cheapest domain extension?

The Cheapest Domain Extensions

  • .agency: $4.99/year at Domain.com.
  • .xyz: $1.00/year at NameCheap.
  • .bid: $2.90/year at Domain.com.
  • .online: $4.99/year at Bluehost.
  • .tech:$3.95/year at HostGator.
  • .date: $2.99/year at Domain.com.
  • .club:$1.37/year at NameCheap.
  • .download: $2.99/year at Domain.com.

Which is the cheapest domain name in New Zealand?

OnlyDomains is based in New Zealand, and we are proud to be the cheapest provider of NZ domain names. The .CO.NZ domain name is New Zealand’s most popular domain name, and is well recognized by New Zealanders and internationally as the name space that defines New Zealand’s online presence.

How many domains are there in New Zealand?

The New Zealand domain name space is represented by the .nz suffix. There are 16 types of .nz suffix available for registration, including .co.nz, .org.nz, .net.nz and simply just .nz.

Where can I get cheap domain name registration?

If you’re looking for the cheapest (and best-value) Domain Name registration in New Zealand, you’ll find it here. Just compare our prices with other .nz providers. We simply can’t be beaten on price. Why is Domains Direct so Cheap?! It’s not so much that we’re cheap, rather, most .nz registrars are over-charging for Domains.

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