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Where are Echlin products made?

Where are Echlin products made?

NAPA® Echlin® engineers and manufactures high-quality ignition coils and ignition components at our 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Bialystok, Poland.

Who makes Echlin ignition?

NAPA® Echlin
NAPA® Echlin® leads the way in advanced automotive technology with more than 40,000 products and provides complete coverage for domestic and import vehicles. We manufacture and distribute a full line of high-technology critical components for the vehicle’s ignition, electrical, emission and fuel systems.

Who makes standard ignition?

Standard Motor Products, Inc.
Standard Motor Products, Inc. Standard Motor Products, Inc. (NYSE: SMP) is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive parts in the automotive aftermarket industry. The company was founded in 1919 as a partnership by Elias Fife and Ralph Van Allen and incorporated by Fife in 1926.

Where are Echlin parts made?

The brand name Echlin is known for their premier aftermarket products and is a member of the Standard Motor Products, Inc. family. SMP is located in Greenville, South Carolina, they have a 181,000 sq. ft. facility their “Primary Operation: Manufacture fuel injection components, ignition coils and sensors.

When did Echlin start making ignition replacement parts?

Echlin then introduced replacement parts for electronic ignition systems, which were standardized by all car manufacturers in 1975. Echlin’s acquisition in 1971 of the Berg Manufacturing Sales Company, a small producer of air brakes for trucks, also paid off handsomely.

Who are the Echlin brothers and what do they do?

Echlin Inc., founded by the Echlin brothers in 1924, is a leading manufacturer of automotive replacement parts, including brake parts, engine parts, and transmissions. The company made numerous acquisitions after 1964, establishing subsidiaries across the United States and in eight foreign countries.

What does Echlin stand for in automotive category?

Automotive: Fuel Injectors, Ignition coil-on-plug Units, Camshaft/Crankshaft Sensors, ABS Sensors. Echlin and NAPA go hand in hand when you think about ignition and fuel systems parts.