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When did Virgin Mobile become boost?

When did Virgin Mobile become boost?

Virgin Mobile USA

Type Subsidiary
Founded October 18, 2001 San Francisco, California, United States
Founder Richard Branson John Tantum
Defunct January 2020
Fate Merged with Boost Mobile on February 2, 2020

Who is the carrier for Virgin Mobile?

Through its use of Vodafone’s infrastructure, Virgin Mobile has 99% 2G coverage, 99% 3G coverage, and 99% 4G coverage. In other words then you’ll be able to get a connection – and usually a fast 4G one – almost anywhere in the UK.

Does Boost Mobile have a $15 plan?

Boost Mobile is making it even easier to stay connected while balancing your budget. For a limited time, the Sprint-owned carrier is offering new subscribers two months of unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of high-speed data for just $15/month.

Which is better Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile?

Boost’s plans are slightly better than Virgin Mobile’s plans, so you’ll likely be getting an upgrade come February. You’ll have more plan options, including more unlimited plans, and more benefits.

Is there going to be a Virgin Mobile plan?

In February 2020, Sprint discontinued all of its Virgin Mobile brand phone plans in favor of its other MVNO, Boost Mobile. All existing customers were automatically transferred to Boost, and their Virgin Mobile phone plans were replaced with similar or upgraded plans on Boost Mobile.

When do I switch from Virgin to boost?

Automatic payments will also be transferred over automatically. In February 2020 Sprint will begin switching Virgin Mobile customers over to Boost Mobile plans as it prepares to retire the almost 20-year-old brand.

Do you have to pay extra for Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile will transfer you over to the plan most similar to your current Virgin Mobile plan, or a better plan, at no extra cost. You can also switch to a different Boost Mobile plan at any time, but you’ll need to pay the regular price of the plan if you do so.