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What year was Steve Sanders Corvette?

What year was Steve Sanders Corvette?

IMCDb.org: 1998 Chevrolet Corvette C5 in “Beverly Hills, 90210, 1990-2000”

What happened to Steve and Janet on 90210?

Janet eventually became pregnant with Steve’s child, and the two were later engaged. Steve revealed that the baby was not the only reason for the marriage, and that he would have eventually asked Janet no matter what. Janet concluded the series a happily married mother, continuing her life with Steve and Madeline.

Who does Steve from 90210 end up with?

Janet Sosna
Steve also develops a close bond over time with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly, and the two become almost like each other’s familiy. After college Steve grows into a more responsible person, an accomplished adult, while still maintaining his zaniness and enthusiasm. He also starts a family and marries Janet Sosna.

How old is Steve from 90210?

9 Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) Ziering’s most notable role since Beverly Hills, 90210 is, of course, starring in the Sharknado film series. Today, it might be difficult for fans of the show to accept the fact that he is 56 years old, born in 1964.

Who was at Brenda’s slumber party in Beverly Hills 90210?

Brenda throws a slumber party and invites Kelly, Donna and Andrea over for the night. But the evening turns sour when Kelly’s venomous girlfriend, Amanda Pacer, joins the party and starts a game which brings out secrets Read all Brenda throws a slumber party and invites Kelly, Donna and Andrea over for the night.

Why did Kelly and Steve break up on 90210?

Kelly is hurt and ends her friendship with Tiffany, but Steve and Kelly stay together. Kelly breaks up with Steve at the end of their freshmen year, after he told people that they slept together, which leaves him heartbroken, although he would never admit that to her.

Who was Ross Webber in Beverly Hills 90210?

Ross Webber was this godly stud on the football team, who I had a hopeless crush on in the 9th grade. Anyway, I was working the whole year at getting close to him. I started hanging out with the JV cheerleaders, going to all the games, just tagging along wherever he was going to be.

Who is the GNAT on the 90210?

The weather turns out dim and Steve is continually hounded by freshman gnat David Silver, whom Steve tries to be nice to on orders from his mother who thinks David’s father is a producer. Steve tries to spar with Kelly, but her disinterest upsets him. Steve is later dismayed to learn that David’s father isn’t a producer.