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What size font should name be on resume?

What size font should name be on resume?

Your resume should have a consistent font size throughout the page. The only exception to the standard 12-point rule relates to how big your name should be on your resume. Since your name must stand out, it’s safe to double the font size. So if you’re using a size-12 font, feel free to double the font size to size-24.

What does 1 inch margins mean?

When you create a new document in a word processor, the default margins are usually defined as one inch on all sides. These margins create a frame around the content of the page so that the text does not run all the way to the edges.

How do you set default margins in Word?

Set default marginsGo to View > Print Layout.Go to Layout > Margins, select Margins, and then select Custom Margins.In the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes, set the margins that you want, and then select Default.When you are prompted, select Yes to change the default settings for document layout.

How do I keep margins in Word?

Change default margins Select Layout > Margins > Custom Margins. Set your margins. Select Set As Default.