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What should I put on LinkedIn between jobs?

What should I put on LinkedIn between jobs?

Here are some examples:Open to Opportunities at Seeking New Position.Consultant at Self-Employed.Freelance Writer at Self-Employed.Student at College.edu.Recent Graduate at College.edu.Seeking a Position at Unemployed.Looking for a job in Human Resources at Unemployed.

What should I put as my headline on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Headline Need-to-Know’sYour headline is the 1 – 3 lines underneath your name.you have 120 characters including spaces for your headline.Don’t just describe who you are and what you do.Write a headline that contains a benefit to the viewer.Use keywords others might use when needing your services.

What should I put on my linked in profile?

How to Make a Better LinkedIn ProfileWrite a Comprehensive and Engaging Profile. Highlight Your Experience in the Summary. Use Your Resume to Write the Experience Section. Showcase Your Skills. Take the Time to Request Recommendations. Include Your Accomplishments. Include Volunteer Experience and Causes.

What do employers look for on LinkedIn?

Headline and Job Titles The profile headline and recent job title are weighted heavily in LinkedIn’s search algorithms as well as recruiter behavior. Top candidates have the job title/keyword in their headline, current job title, and at least one past job title.

Do employers really look at LinkedIn?

According to a recent study, over 70% of employers check social media profiles of candidates to learn more about them. LinkedIn is possibly the best tool that a candidate has to showcase her professional persona.

What is the difference between LinkedIn and a basic resume?

Your resume is usually updated and shared when you are in active job-search mode, while the primary function of LinkedIn is to create a professional network — a new job may be an outcome, but it is usually not the only goal. Continue reading for some LinkedIn and resume-writing tips and best practices.

Should I put my graduation year on LinkedIn?

Hiding the year you graduated from college on your LinkedIn profile is like being that teacher who uses the same, ancient picture for the yearbook year after year. Most commonly, people omit their graduation year on LinkedIn because they’re afraid of seeming either too old or too young.