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What kind of projects should I put on GitHub?

What kind of projects should I put on GitHub?

Originally Answered: What kind of projects should someone put on GitHub? You can put up anything on Github as long as it complies with their community standards (basically nothing obscene, highly offensive, or illegal). In fact, you should put up everything that shows even a modicum of marketable skills.

How do I put GitHub projects on my resume?

Contact information. That’s the common placement for a portfolio link. I would say under the contact info. Or if you have a projects section on your resume and you’re listing some project that is on your github, you could list the url next to the project name or something like that.

Should I include links in my resume?

It’s acceptable to use links in your resume, cover letter, or any form of the job application—assuming you’re submitting it online. The most important thing is to link to your proudest and best work, as well as projects that are the most relevant to the role you’re applying to.

How can I upload my resume from my iPhone?

Click on the resume to open it, look for upload icon (bottom left), should bring up a pull up menu (from bottom) with options such as Add To Notes, Save PDF to iBooks, or Copy To Pages. If you choose one of the three options above, you can then save, from there, to your iCloud Drive.