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What kind of guitars does Fernandes Guitars make?

What kind of guitars does Fernandes Guitars make?

As the company grew it expanded production to include electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and accessories to become one of the biggest guitar manufacturers in Japan. Fernandes also owns Burny, a brand for Gibson replicas.

Who is the owner of the Fernandes bass?

Allegedly, Rob’s personally owned Fernandes basses were custom made by either the Fernandes North Hollywood and/or Japanese custom shops. The specifications and complete history of Rob’s personally owned and stage-played Fernandes basses by most accounts is still a mystery.

What kind of Sustainer system does Fernandes use?

Fernandes also owns Burny, a brand for Gibson replicas. Despite its high production figures, Fernandes is better known in the United States for its Sustainer system, which uses electromagnetism to vibrate a string for an extended period, so long as the user continues to fret a note.

When did Fernandes Burny start making Gibson guitars?

From late 1978 to 1981, Fernandes used a logo known as Stone (in Japanese “Ishi” – this logo is very similar to the Japanese character meaning “stone”). To best honor his manufacturing contract from 1978 to 1979, Tokai used the finest woods to make these copies of Fender and Gibson.

When was the first Fernandes guitar made by Saito?

Fernandes (and Bury) were brand names of Saito Musical Instruments had.. The company was founded in 1969 and registered as Fernandes in 1972.

When did the Fernandes revival guitar come out?

Tokai use very good wood materials for this OEM contract. Tokai received many manufacturing and construction knowledge from Mr. Omote and guitars which he brought from the States. In 1981, under intense legal pressure from Gibson and Fender, Fernandes introduced “The Revival” series.