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What is the tuition for Sidwell Friends?

What is the tuition for Sidwell Friends?


Lower School (PK-2) $45,610
Lower School (Grades 3-4) $46,520
Middle School $47,660
Upper School $48,050

Why do Presidents children go to Sidwell Friends?

The decision also surely relates to the state of public schooling in Washington, DC. President Obama conceded that the decision to send his daughters to the prestigious Sidwell Friends School was in part due to the quality of education in the DCPS system.

Is Sidwell Friends a good school?

Sidwell Friends is a good school known for its rigorous academics and high-profile alumni. This school is known for being very tough and high stress academically and in a lot of ways that is the case. But the academics are great and so are the teachers, so the tradeoff is worth it.

Is Sidwell Friends co ed?

Sidwell Friends School is a PK–12, co-educational Quaker day school founded in 1883.

Where is Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC?

Sidwell Friends School is a highly selective Quaker school located in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, D.C., offering pre-kindergarten through upper school classes.

When do you have to pay for Sidwell Friends School?

The School’s payment schedule allows various payment options. The tuition payment may be paid in full by June 15 or divided into two payments of 70 percent by June15 and 30 percent by November 15. The School also offers an interest-free,10-month payment plan, which requires payment from May to February.

When did Thomas Sidwell start Friends Select School?

Thomas Sidwell started a “Friends’ Select School” in 1883 on I Street in downtown Washington, four blocks from the White House.

Is the admissions process at Sidwell Friends based on religion?

The school’s admissions process is merit-based. As documented on the school’s website, it gives preference in admissions decisions to members of the Religious Society of Friends, but otherwise does not discriminate on the basis of religion. Sidwell “accepts only 7 percent of its applicants”.