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What is the order of the Sister Souljah books?

What is the order of the Sister Souljah books?

Book List in Order:6 titles

  • Life After Death. Mar-2021. General Fiction.
  • A Moment of Silence. Nov-2015. General Fiction.
  • A Deeper Love Inside. Feb-2013. General Fiction.
  • Midnight and the Meaning of Love. Oct-2011. Literary.
  • Midnight. Nov-2008. General Fiction.
  • The Coldest Winter Ever. Nov-2004. General Fiction.

Do midnight and winter get together?

At the end of the book, Winter ended up getting blamed for drug selling for her ex-boyfriend Bullet. So, she got sent to jail like her daddy. Midnight eventually got married though… but not to Winter.

What happened to Midnight’s dad?

In the mid 1980s, his father abandons the family, disappears, and is never heard from again. Just before his disappearance, he instructs Midnight and his immediate family to move to the United States. Midnight, his mother, and his sister eventually settle in project housing in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City.

When did the Midnight series by Sister Souljah start?

Sister Souljah is the creator of the Midnight series. This series first started in 2008 with the publication of the debut novel in this series, Midnight. The second installment of this fictional series came out three years later, and the third novel would be released in 2015.

Which is the best book by Sister Souljah?

Midnight will remain in your mind and beat in your heart for a lifetime. Her “raw and true voice” ( Publishers Weekly) will both soothe and arouse you. In a beautifully written and masterfully woven story, Sister Souljah has given us Midnight, and solidified her presence as the mother of all contemporary urban literature. More Details…

Who is Lisa Williamson of Sister Souljah?

Sister Souljah is the artist’s name of recording artist, film producer, actor, activist and author, Lisa Williamson. She is married with a son. Born in the Bronx on January 28, 1964, Sister was raised in New York in the projects.

Who is the author of the book Midnight?

(Midnight #1) Sister Souljah, the hip-hop generation’s number one author and most compelling storyteller, delivers a powerful story about love and loyalty, strength and family. In her bestselling novel, The Coldest Winter Ever, Sister Souljah introduced the world to Midnight, a brave but humble lieutenant to a prominent underworld businessman.