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What is the meaning of data model?

What is the meaning of data model?

A data model (or datamodel) is an abstract model that organizes elements of data and standardizes how they relate to one another and to the properties of real-world entities. The term data model can refer to two distinct but closely related concepts.

What is Oracle data model?

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a free graphical tool that enhances productivity and simplifies data modeling tasks. Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler users can create, browse and edit, logical, relational, physical, multi-dimensional, and data type models.

What is the purpose of a data model?

The goal is to illustrate the types of data used and stored within the system, the relationships among these data types, the ways the data can be grouped and organized and its formats and attributes. Data models are built around business needs.

How is the data modeling done in obiee?

In this article i will try to explain the Data Modeling concept of OBIEE and how the data modeling is done in OBIEE. Data Modeling is nothing but database design technique which is useful to fetch different types of complex sql queries in DWH environment.

What are the capabilities of obiee for business?

Enterprise Mobile Capabilities: OBIEE has built-in and customizable mobile platform capabilities in a distributed disconnected model. Data Source Abstraction To Business: OBIEE provides a logical business data modal based on Common Information model that hides the data source from the business.

How is Oracle BI server used in obiee?

Oracle BI Server: Performs generation of SQL queries based on the Oracle BI repository metadata and the user requests. The SQL queries are then directed to the data source or the data warehouse to produce the desired results.

What are the three layers of obiee repository?

• Built Repository at three layers Physical Layer (connecting Data sources & import schema), Business Model & data mapping (create Logical tables & data source mapping) & presentation layer level (create presentation catalogs), create presentation folders.