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What is the fastest 1/4 mile time ever?

What is the fastest 1/4 mile time ever?

3.58 secs @ 386 mph
Worlds Fastest 1/4 mile ever on dragstrip 3.58 secs @ 386 mph (621.61 km/h) | Drag racing, Chevy bowtie, Corvette stingray.

Does Top Fuel still run 1 4 mile?

Traditionally, a drag strip is 1,320 feet, which equals a quarter-mile. (One mile equals 5,280 feet.) Many classes in NHRA drag racing—actually, all but the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes—still compete on a quarter-mile course.

What is the current Top Fuel dragster world record?

338.17 mph
The fastest speed achieved in a National Hot Rod Association race in the Top Fuel class is 338.17 mph (544.23 km/h), by Brittany Force (USA) at the Dodge NHRA Nationals on 1 November 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

How fast do dragsters go in a quarter-mile?

Quarter mile times

Vehicle Elapsed time
Top Fuel Dragster ET: 4.443 sec @ ~335.32 mph (539.65 km/h)
Speed: 4.485 sec@ ~338.35 mph (544.52 km/h)
Top Fuel Dragster (1000 foot) ET: 3.701 sec @ ~328.78 mph (529.12 km/h)
Speed: 3.802 sec @ ~332.18 mph (534.59 km/h)

What is the speed record for a Top Fuel dragster?

The current NHRA speed record for a top-fuel drag racing car is 332.18 mph, set by Spencer Massey. This record is for racing a distance of 1,000 feet. The record for a quarter-mile race in a top-fuel car is 336.15 mph set by Tony Schumacher. Race distances were shortened from 1,320 feet to 1,000 feet after the death of Scott Kalitta.

What’s the fastest pass in Top Fuel history?

It was the fastest thousand-foot pass in Top Fuel history, beating the record of 336.57 mph set last year by drag racing legend Tony Schumacher. It’s pretty frickin’ quick. Just check out the footage for yourself above, but make sure you don’t sneeze or rub your eyes or something, as you’ll probably miss it.

Who is the fastest Top Fuel driver in the world?

By September 11, 2017. Successful nitro racing privateer Dom Lagana recorded the fastest speed in Top Fuel history and clocked one of, if not the quickest quarter-mile elapsed times in the United States since the institution of the 1,000-foot era in 2008 on Saturday evening at the U.S. 131 Motorsports Park’s Funny Car Nationals.

What was the fastest pass in NHRA history?

At the same event, Mike Dunn ran 297.12, the fastest pass in drag racing history, and Pat Austin reset the national record to 295.27. Suddenly it was game on for Target: 300 as NHRA’s media blitz went into overdrive. At first, all was relatively quiet in Gainesville.