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What is the farthest shot put throw in high school?

What is the farthest shot put throw in high school?

Boys High School Records

Field Events
High Jump 2.31 | 7-7 7/18/02
Shot 24.77 | 81-3½ 6/16/79
Junior Shot 22.02 | 72-3 7/23/17
Senior Shot 20.65 | 67-9 7/04/79

What is the 200m high school record?


Event Record High School Name
200 m 20.13 Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
220 yards 20.5 South Mountain High School
220 yards straightaway 20.2 (+1.7 m/s) Hoover High School
400 m 44.69 Wilson High School

Who holds the high school shot put record?

Michael Carter’s
Greatest of All Throws: Michael Carter’s Unbreakable High School Shot Put Record Turns 40 – LetsRun.com.

What’s the girls discus record in high school?

Crouser would go on to compete at the University of Texas in the shot put and discus. You can see video of his record throw in the video below. Anna Jelmini previously held the national girls record. She threw a distance of 190’3″ in 2009, which means her record stood for 3 years before Vaughan topped it.

What are the Georgia high school track and field records?

GEORGIA HIGH SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD ALL-TIME PERFORMANCE LISTS Brittany Porter 21-3.5 TOWERS DeKalb Championships 3-30-09 Kendell Williams 20-10.5 KELL AAAAA Sectional A 4-27-13 Tameisha King 20-6 ½ PEBBLEBROOK Region 5-AAAA Meet 5-99 Tiffany Greer 20-6 ¼ MCEACHERN Region 5-AAAA Meet 5-99

Where did Georgia track and field combine genders?

Before the GHSA combined genders for state competition at three locations (currently Albany, Carrollton & Rome), these records include performances at the former Georgia Olympics in Jefferson and Girls State in Albany (state locations for all classes before combining genders).

How to obtain school records in Atlanta GA?

Atlanta, GA 30334. To obtain student records including high school transcripts, diplomas, standardized test scores or special education records, please contact the school district the student attends or attended. The Georgia Department of Education does not have access to private school records, even if the school has closed.