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What is the cheapest supercar in GTA 5?

What is the cheapest supercar in GTA 5?

However, here are some other things you could buy instead in GTA Online with that much cash.

  • 19 Voltics (The cheapest supercar in GTA Online.)
  • 958 Rebel pickup trucks (The cheapest car in GTA Online.)
  • 5 Widowmakers (A big laser cannon and one of the most expensive weapons.)

What is the fastest cheap car in GTA 5?

10 Fastest Cars In GTA Online Under 500k

  • 4 Benefactor Schafter V12 – 124.25 MPH.
  • 5 Benefactor Schafter V12 (Armored) – 123.5 MPH.
  • 6 Pegassi Monroe – 122 MPH.
  • 7 Grotti Turismo R – 121.75 MPH.
  • 8 Dewbauchee Massacro (Racecar) – 121.75 MPH.
  • 9 Dewbauchee Massacro – 121.75 MPH.
  • 10 Lampadati Pigalle – 121.25 MPH.

What is the cheapest car in GTA Online?

For the low price of just $3,000, players can purchase the Rusty Rebel. This is practically the cheapest vehicle players can buy in GTA Online. Despite its looks, the vehicle performs decently enough, sporting a top speed of 160.93 km/h.

What is the fastest free car in GTA 5?

The Truffade Adder has a stock speed of “8.6” – which makes it the fastest car in GTA V.

What are the best vehicles in GTA 5?

Elegy RH8. The Elegy RH8 is one of the top cars in GTA 5 that makes its way into the game as a 2-door sports car. The vehicle is inspired by the famous Nissan GT R35 SpecV and is incredibly stylish and luxurious.

What is the fastest Supercar in GTA 5?

According to the cars database on the site ign.com,the Truffade Adder is the fastest car on GTA 5. The Truffade Adder is a super car first introduced in Grand Theft Auto V.

What cars are in GTA 5?

If you crave the rush of adrenaline that comes from driving high-end cars in real-world locales, Grand Theft Auto 5 is for you. The upcoming game, available in September on major consoles, will put you in the seat of an Audi R8 Spyder, a Ferrari California, and even a Koenigsegg Agera R.

What is the rarest vehicle in GTA 5?

The Kraken Submarine. It will set you back by $1,325,000 and is probably one of the most expensive among the rarest vehicles in GTA 5 next-gen. The Xero Blimp. The Xero Blimp will be another exclusive rare vehicle that will be unlockable in GTA 5 Next-Gen for returning players from current to next-gen consoles.