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What is the book Flush genre?

What is the book Flush genre?

Young adult fiction

Is the book Flush a mystery?

Take a romp in the swamp with this New York Times bestselling mystery adventure set in the Florida Keys from Newbery Honoree Carl Hiaasen!

What is the theme of the book Flush?

The book Flush portrays several different themes throughout the story. The themes of risk, the search for truth, standing up for what you believe in, and support from the community affect more than one character at a time.

What is Flush mainly about?

A hilarious, high-stakes adventure involving crooked casino boats, floating fish, toxic beaches, and one kid determined to get justice. Noah’s dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casino boat is flushing raw sewage into the harbor–which has made taking a dip at the local beach like swimming in a toilet.

Who is the author of the book Flush?

You might come to Flush with two preconceptions. Carl Hiaasen writes adult thrillers with a satirical tenor, often featuring characters from the trailer trash end of the social spectrum. So its likely that his childrens books will retain a bit of that edge.

Where does the book Flush by Carl Hiaasen take place?

This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion on Flush by Carl Hiaasen. Flush by Carl Hiaasen is the story of Noah Underwood, a youngster who lives in the Florida Keys with his mother, father and younger sister.

What was the suspense in the book Flush?

This book has a lot of suspense, like in the part that the pirate guy show up and that he was making every one apologize to Noah and Abbey and everyone was asking who hr was. Or when Noah and Abey were in the middle of the ocean. That is suspense.

When did Virginia Woolf write the book Flush?

Flush: A Biography, an imaginative biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning ‘s cocker spaniel, is a cross-genre blend of fiction and nonfiction by Virginia Woolf published in 1933. Written after the completion of her emotionally draining The Waves, the work returned Woolf to the imaginative consideration…