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What is the best minor for a communications major?

What is the best minor for a communications major?

In general, some of the most recommended minors for communications majors include:

  • Journalism.
  • Spanish.
  • Business.

Does lsu have a communications major?

Established in 1928, we are one of the oldest communication departments in the nation. We offer BA, MA, and PhD degrees. Our programs equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be sophisticated, effective, and ethical communicators in their communities, workplaces, and everyday lives.

What does Cmst stand for LSU?

PUBLIC SPEAKING Department of Communication Studies
CMST 2060: PUBLIC SPEAKING Department of Communication Studies | College of Humanities & Social Sciences Spring 2017 Secti. Page 1. CMST 2060: PUBLIC SPEAKING. Department of Communication Studies | College of Humanities & Social Sciences.

How do I declare a minor at University of Alabama?

Admission into the Minor Students are expected to formally declare a minor by completing the Change of Major/Minor Application online under the Student tab of myBama. Students are strongly advised to meet with the department advisor each semester to plan their course of study.

What is the Department of Communication Studies at UAB?

It is our central mission to educate UAB students about communication. We offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in communication and mass media. We offer specific degrees in communication management, public relations, broadcasting, journalism, and sports communication.

Why do I want to major in communication?

Even if your major is in a seemingly unrelated field—like STEM disciplines or fine arts—a minor in Communication is the perfect pairing. Because everyone needs to have strong communications skills, including healthcare professionals, scientists, programmers, software developers, and more. Why should I consider graduate school in Communication?

How to contact the chair of Communication Studies?

If you have anonymous comments, suggestions, questions, or feedback for Dr. Levine, the Chair of Communication Studies, please fill out the form below and submit. Comments are welcome on topics such as class offerings, degree requirements, and specific classes or instructors. If you would like a reply, please include your name and email.