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What is Saika in durarara?

What is Saika in durarara?

Saika is an ancient, powerful entity that manifests itself as a cursed Japanese sword. It has an extreme love for humanity, and, like how humans might express their love by hugging or kissing, Saika expresses its love by cutting and possessing people.

Who is the strongest in durarara?

Shizuo Heiwajima
Shizuo Heiwajima (平和島 静雄, Heiwajima Shizuo) is renowned as the strongest man in Ikebukuro.

Who is the Yandere in durarara?

Haruna Niekawa
Haruna Niekawa (贄川 春奈, Niekawa Haruna) is a former Raira Academy student who transferred to another high school because of a rumor that she and Takashi Nasujima, a teacher, were dating. In volume 10, she is said to be a member of the Dollars.

Who is Saki to izaya?

Saki Mikajima (三ヶ島 沙樹, Mikajima Saki) Masaomi Kida’s girlfriend who was hospitalized after being kidnapped by the Blue Squares. Initially, Saki had an almost godlike idolization of Izaya Orihara, causing her to unquestioningly obey him.

Who is in possession of Saika in Durarara?

Anri allows the members to lead regular lives, but she occasionally calls out to them for help. Saika is currently in the possession of Anri Sonohara. However, throughout the story, there have been moments where other characters have managed to overcome Saika, or was revealed to have controlled Saika in the past.

What’s the name of the Slasher in Durarara?

Saika (罪歌, Saika, lit. “song of sin”), known by some characters in the series as the slasher and by its victims as “Mother,” is a demonic blade notable for its obsessive love for humanity.

Who are the ganguro girls in Durarara?

The Ganguro Girls are a trio of girls who bully Anri Sonohara. They are students at Raira Academy and members of the Dollars, and after becoming victims of the slasher, they are also members of the Saika Army . Like other young women who dress in the ganguro fashion, the girls have tanned skin with contrasting light makeup and dyed hair.

What kind of character is Anri Sonohara from Durarara?

Anri Sonohara (園原 杏里, Sonohara Anri) is a bespectacled girl who attends Raira Academy with her close friends Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida. Even though she is quiet and timid and possesses a tendency to seclude herself from others, she is intelligent, clever, and resourceful.